Good News


DSC00262Following a rough few days in which Libby hardly even moved, she suddenly sat straight up in her hospital bed on Monday morning and shouted, “Dr. Schlabach!”.  I jumped at the sudden outburst fearing the worst, but Libby had heard the voice of her favorite oncologist making morning rounds and her face lit up for the first time in days (yes, I was a little jealous).

Dr. Schlabach had been vacationing with his family since Libby had been admitted to the hospital and although I had talked with him on the phone it was his first day back at work we were both happy to see him. Following a quick update, Dr. Schlabach ordered a spinal tap to help determine the cause of the nausea, headaches and seizures and he asked us to pray that the test result would be bacterial meningitis because that would be better than the alternative.

When the transport team arrived to take Libby for her procedure she stood up to get on the gurney and then immediately passed out. I caught Libby before she fell and as I lay her back onto her bed, she had yet another seizure, but there had been so many seizures in the past few days I took care of her myself, not waiting on the nurse to get there.

Although it was a struggle just to keep my voice calm, I immediately began talking to Libby and I watched the clock on the wall so I could report the duration of the seizure. I held Libby’s hand and caressed her face as I asked her a series of questions waiting on a response to each: “What’s your name? Do you know what day it is?” I took a glance at the clock and continued. ” Do you know where are you?” all with no response.

Our nurse had said that a familiar voice was important to bring a patient “back” and Libby had told me after several other seizures that she knew who was there and she was even able repeat back everything being said while she was unconscious but she was frozen inside a body that wouldn’t work.

During the worst part of the seizure, Libby’s eyes had rolled back and her eyelids were fluttering but the spasms had stopped and now her eyes were closed.  I asked, “Libby?…Hey Libby can you hear me?” Still no response and so I asked, ” Who is the best looking guy in the whole world?”   A crooked smile crept across her face as she said out of the corner of her mouth, ” Barry is…” I looked over at the transport team and the nurse who had just rushed into the room and said, “Clearly the girl has come to her senses and the good news is, there is definitely no brain damage!”

Fully awake now, Libby slowly shook her head back and forth, rolling her eyes, this time in disgust, and said,”He thinks he is soooo funny,”





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