Libby’s Living Legacy

Libby was diagnosed with Stage 3 invasive lobular breast cancer in September of 2008, followed shortly thereafter by a mastectomy, radiation and chemo.  After four great years of a near-normal life with only minimal affects from the chemotherapy most people began to think that Libby had beaten the odds.

Routine blood work a few days before Thanksgiving 2012 indicated that the cancer had metastasized into stage 4 Peritoneal Carcinomatosis and so Libby underwent additional chemotherapy until the tumor markers returned to normal.

More bad news came on August 14, 2013 when Doctors discovered that the cancer metastasized once more and Libby went on weekly Chemo treatments.

The worst of it began on New Years Day of 2014 when Libby was hospitalized for 15 days with severe headaches, nausea and seizures.  The cancer had spread to her brain and spinal fluid and she was eventually diagnosed with carcinomatous meningitis in addition to the earlier Peritoneal Carcinomatosis diagnosis.

On March 25, 2014 after a long battle, Libby Willis Gilley left this world with the same grace that she lived it.

Thanks for all of your continued prayers and your concern,


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Charles l marshall

    Barry I know we don’t talk much we both love Libby she was an inspiration when I was so sick you guys brought me comic books I love to read I miss her as I’ve expressed love you are a great brother in Christ preying daily….


  2. Petunia ChickenLegs

    Wow, I just read my thread and I apparently “learnt” spelling at C.V. I was going to edit it but, couldn’t figure that out either.


  3. Petunia

    Barry, I don’t know what to say. Such a small world. I have been reminising and going back, way back, all the way back to Elementary School and thinking of all the 1st grade students that becamse such good friends to me from 1st grade to 8th grade. I moved after 8th grade and went to Rihnggold High School. I missed my CV famlly so much. After I graduated Ringgold, I moved to Atlanta. Who am I? I thought you said you liked surprised. Also, it is such a small work because I went to Ringgold High with Randy Dunagan who was one of my very closest friends. I have met him and Marty on several occasions since they were married. I had such a great time in high school with Randy and we were two nuts. I am sitting here with a piece of paper writing down all the names from my first grade class, Brian, Thomas, John, Barry, Darlene. Just brings it all back. I am very sorry about Libby. Through Darlene, I had gotten to know Libby very well also. She was the sweetest, most kind, lovable, happy and funny person I had ever met. When I heard ya were getting married, I was very happy for ya (well and a little jealous because you had told me in 1st grade that you were marrying me. Anyway, Barry, I hope that you are doing okay. I know that you have good days and bad days. Hang in there. Email me if you ever want to talk


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