The Hardest Decision


Many who watched Libby during her five-year battle against breast cancer may have followed a few of the decisions that we were asked to make nearly every time we went to an oncology appointment whether it was trying a new experimental drug, agreeing to be a part of study or the eventual decision to stop all treatments. However, the most difficult decision that Libby faced in those five years was not a medical decision, it involved teaching.

On the advice of her oncologist, Libby has stopped teaching the children at church (although she is still running the program behind the scenes) he does not want her to have direct contact with children and risk infection.  It may have been the hardest decision that she has had to make in the 5 years she has been dealing with breast cancer.  She knew it was the best thing for her health but teaching children is her passion. 

Libby has been dealt several physical blows lately but having to give up teaching, having to wear a surgical mask when she is around kids and not being able to hug them is counter intuitive to everything Libby has done her whole life and in addition it is a constant reminder to her that she is sick.


4 thoughts on “The Hardest Decision

  1. kerry autry

    She was a fun Sunday School teacher. I remember one day in particular…she had a paper on front of her face just below her eyes, and was trying to show different expressions or emotions with only her eyes. I remember thinking all of her expressions were cheerful looking. Even her frown! Haha

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